Use Case

Urgent repairs

The office staff takes repair orders by telephone. On an overview map, he can see all the technicians with their respective locations and the work planned for that day. Using this information, he assigns the newly received order to the most appropriate technician.

The technician finds the necessary information about the new job on his iPad within seconds. He will visit the customer and carry out the planned work. Here he will log times and material.

The customer confirms the execution of the work with his signature. The office staff is informed about the work progress of the technician. He can see when the job has been completed.

The reported times and materials are automatically booked in the enterprise resource planning and can be calculated.

Examples of use:

View the app

In this video, we show you the process of how service technicians handle your service orders using our app.

The app supports the typical process of a delivery trip, simplifying the work of a delivery driver.

When planning visits, the planned route with distance kilometres is displayed on the map.

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer data and bring order to your records.