Use Case

Scheduled maintenance

You visit your customers regularly for maintenance or repair activities. The office schedules the visits for the service technicians. In the morning, the respective employee finds his or her daily itinerary on the iPad. A detailed description of the work and, if necessary, planned material are also deposited. Extensive device data with maintenance history is also available to him.

The technician performs the planned work. If necessary, he records data on devices or machines on site and logs them in the process. In addition, he logs working hours and required material. The customer confirms the execution by his signature.

The quantities actually delivered are booked in the merchandise management system within seconds and can be calculated. At the end of the week, the iPad suggests a refill order to replenish the vehicle stock.

Examples of use:

  • Maintenance of customer swimming pools
  • Maintenance of hall heating systems

View the app

In this video, we show you the process of how service technicians handle your service orders using our app.

The app supports the typical process of a delivery trip, simplifying the work of a delivery driver.

When planning visits, the planned route with distance kilometres is displayed on the map.

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer data and bring order to your records.